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Runners come to camp with goals ranging from new 5K PRs to mile state records to making the school varsity cross-country team to reaching championship meets to getting a leg up on the way to college scholarships to running healthier and having more fun running. There is a strong emphasis on the mental aspects of training and racing by a nationally certified mental game coach - you won't get at other camps. You will learn what the most recent research says about training. From nutrtion to stretching to miles - it's covered. Come to camp and explore how you can reach your goals faster! One session only - June 18-23, 2018

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Arizona Running Camp is conducted from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona at 7000 feet.


Arizona Running Camp is a service offered by Mindset for Performance LLC. We offer services and knowledge simply not offered by other running camps. Workout and lectures are research based. Dean Hebert M.Ed. MGCP is a nationally certified running coach and mental game coaching professional helping athletes perform their best; not just physically but mentally as well! Come to camp to get an edge on your competition.


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Each year camp content, runs and activities are updated. This is a sample of a typical day. We believe in treating athletes holistically. Therefore we provide periods of free time throughout the day to allow for recovery, rejuvenation and socialization.



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